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Are you an Australian company?

We are an Australian founded and ran business and as such so are all of our products and services.

Do you have order size limits?

No, we will make an order of any size. Please be aware though that larger order quantities will provide lower per unit costs

Do you supply the material?

Yes we can supply material or can use material supplied by the customer.

What delivery options do you provide?

We generally use Direct Freight but if you have an account with a shipping company we may ship on your behalf through them

What can't you machine?

The only things that we can’t do are Hour Glass Worms, Spiral Bevels and Internal Cylindrical Grinding

What is the maximum length you can do for X?

You can find the maximum length we can do for any job under Capabilities

Hardman People

Are all highly trained, long term employees in the general engineering industry, and committed to producing a quality product.

Hardman Equipment

Includes some of the most technologically advanced CNC machines in the world, ensuring we provide the highest quality CNC machining services available

Hardman Service

We are committed to ensuring we always do what we say we will do. Our customers have the peace-of-mind knowing we invariably meet our targets.

Hardman Quality

As a Quality Endorsed Company to international standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015, we have the systems and ingrained culture to guarantee a quality end product, delivered at a fair and competitive price.