About us

Hardman Bros is a family
owned Australian gear
manufacturing and
general engineering

Specialists in gear manufacturing
and general engineering since 1953

Founded in Oakleigh, Victoria by brothers David and Ronald Hardman in 1953, Hardman Bros is a family owned Australian gear manufacturing and general engineering company. The business has grown to be a significant manufacturer in the engineering industry, employing over 30 people, with over 5,000 sq metres of floor space and some of the largest and most technologically advanced equipment available.

Through the hard work of their skilled and experienced staff, Hardman Bros has established a reputation not only as a quality supplier of gears and gear boxes, but as a flexible, innovative and skilled manufacturer of general engineering components of varying complexities and size.

As part of the Hardman Bros commitment to innovative and skilled engineering, in 1999, R & I Instrument and Gear Co. (Aust) Pty Ltd became a subsidiary company of Hardman Bros.

Now based in Dingley, Victoria, the company was managed by David Hardman’s sons, Alan and Malcolm. Since 2004, the next generation of Hardmans, Wayne and Leigh have taken the reigns and continue the family tradition of manufacturing products of the highest quality.

Hardman Bros was first established in 1953 and covered over 2,000 sq metres of floor space. The company continues to operate in its niche market of precision instrument components and scientific

parts, and is highly regarded as a quality supplier to many of Australia’s leading manufacturers.

Hardman Service

We are committed to ensuring we always do what we say we will do. Our customers have the peace-of-mind knowing we invariably meet our targets.

Hardman Quality

As a Quality Endorsed Company to international standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015, we have the systems and ingrained culture to guarantee a quality end product, delivered at a fair and competitive price.

Hardman People

Are all highly trained, long term employees in the general engineering industry, and committed to producing a quality product.

Hardman Equipment

Includes some of the most technologically advanced CNC machines in the world, ensuring we provide the highest quality CNC machining services available